Haywire brings next-level internet and managed Wi-Fi to Purdue’s Discovery Park, multi-family developers

INDIANAPOLIS–()–whacka fiber-to-the-unit (FTTU) Internet service provider providing fiber optic Internet and managed Wi-Fi, brings its proven technology to multi-family developers and tenants, including Purdue University Discovery Park. Haywire provides managed Wi-Fi via pre-installed fiber optic equipment to get new customers online in seconds without the hassle of installation appointments or interacting with technicians.

Haywire was founded by Kelly Pfledderer, founder and former CEO of Indianapolis-based Apparatus. While at Apparatus, the company provided enterprise cloud and internet infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies and startups and was acquired by Virtusa in 2015. Pfledderer’s deep knowledge of enterprise networking and management infrastructure are now applied to residential communities.

“Most customers don’t want to get into the technical aspects of their Internet service. They just want to log in and go,” Pfledderer said. “By incorporating innovative technology into our managed Wi-Fi solution, we are ensuring that customers don’t have to think about their internet. It’s still there. It’s always on. We do the hardest part behind the scenes to make it always work.

The company’s first residential customer signed in 2020, and the momentum has only continued as Haywire is poised to hit the 1,000 customer milestone this fall, entering its next growing season. Additionally, Haywire has partnered with Discovery Park, a $1 billion mixed-use development of housing, high-end manufacturing, and industry and research-focused partnerships on more than 400 acres of the Purdue campus. , and serves as an Internet service provider for apartments in the neighborhood. , townhouses, residences and commercial spaces.

Among Haywire’s multi-family real estate customers are Old Town Businessesa land development, construction and real estate investment company based in central Indiana.

“Our experience with Haywire has been exemplary,” said Brad Richey, senior vice president and director of Multifamily for Old Town Companies. “They provided top notch service and really worked with us as a ‘partner’ in the services we provide to our residents. Staff and commercial tenants were thrilled with the experience. From the installation to the support and services provided to our residents, we couldn’t be happier. »

Integrating Internet hardware into the building infrastructure provides an incredibly efficient new way to deliver Internet services in a dense multi-family environment. Apartments are instantly ready for new tenants without the need to change hardware or charge the customer installation fees, and new customers can receive their Wi-Fi credentials before they even move in. This customer experience is a welcome change and a competitive advantage for developers and owners.

“Managed Wi-Fi gives each tenant their own router and private internet connection that is monitored 24/7 by cloud controllers to ensure availability and speed,” Pfledderer said. “Managed Wi-Fi is not the same as community or public Wi-Fi. All network management and support is done remotely, behind the scenes, resulting in a customer experience of an Internet ultra-fast and always available.

Whether it’s work, play or study from home, today’s data-intensive applications thrive with a modern internet-based system like the option offered by Haywire. Installing outdated telephone and cable networks instead of fiber in new construction will require costly and complicated future upgrades, as these older technologies are unable to provide the bandwidth needed for the growing demands of residents.

Managed Wi-Fi is the future of high-speed connectivity, and Haywire is ensuring multi-family developers are at the forefront of next-generation connectivity. Learn more about Haywire at gohaywire.com.


Founded by former Apparatus Founder and CEO, Kelly Pfledderer, Haywire is a fiber-optic broadband service provider delivering next-level Internet and managed Wi-Fi to multi-family communities. With pre-integrated gigabit fiber in the apartments, customers can activate the service instantly with a text or a call – no appointments, technicians or equipment rentals required. Find the Internet you’ll love at gohaywire.com.

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