The pup blends seamlessly into the rug blows the internet’s mind: “What dog?” »

Unlike cats, which are proven masters to hide, dogs are not particularly subtle beasts. Whether because they bark for nothing Where chew on your front doorit is quite difficult to lose your puppy in the house.

Yet a dog and his accidental rug camouflage have the internet in stitches. A delighted German shorthaired pointer Facebook users with his choice of nap spot – a rug that matches his fur exactly.

Assignment to the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, Dexter owner Kari Klann shared the snap of Dexter as part of the #hiddendoggochallenge.

“Dexter blends into the mat a little too well,” she wrote alongside the image, and Facebook users agreed. Since being shared on June 20, the post has received nearly 3,500 likes and over 100 comments from users asking “which dog?”

Dexter enjoying a nap in the sun while blending seamlessly into the rug. Dexter’s owner, Kari, says the rug is one of Dexter’s favorite places to nap, especially when the sun is out.
Kari Klann

“Is there a dog in this photo?!?” said Amie Leigh.

“Be honest…you got this mat just for that purpose,” Jennifer Ann commented.

“Ma’am? This is not a carpet page,” joked Jennifer Rodger.

YangYan Zheng got all philosophical, writing, “Dexter is lying on a rug, is he made of rugs or is the rug made of him, the owner is screaming because she doesn’t know.”

When creating its memory foam dog bed, mattress company Casper said it conducted research into how dogs sleep to inform engineers of the project. In collaboration with an expert in animal behavior, the brand has come to the conclusion that where a dog chooses to sleep is partly influenced by his nose.

Smell is the primary sense dogs use to navigate the world. Dogs have 220 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to 5 million in humans, and are likely to seek out places that smell like their owners or other family members.

They also determined that the area surrounding the chosen location is important. Their ancestors are said to have slept in dens, which is why dogs often opt for enclosed spaces like under tables when dozing.

Puppy Who Blends In Perfectly With Rug Confuses The Internet
Dexter laying his head on Karson going for a walk. Dexter and his Golden Labrador brother, Karson, live in Michigan with their owners, Kari and Jake Klann.
Kari Klann

K-9 behavior expert Jacqui Zakar said Newsweek that when given a choice, dogs will choose the company of humans over their own kind. Their owner’s scent has positive associations for the dog, so it makes sense to choose a location near its loved ones.

She points out that dogs can’t regulate their body temperature the same way humans do, so comfort is also an important factor when choosing a nap spot.

She explained: “Since they don’t sweat, they often sleep on hard floors to cool off, or on warmer rugs/beds to keep warm.”

Dexter lives with Kari Klann and her husband Jake in Michigan. She says the rug is one of 4-year-old Dexter’s favorite places to sleep.

“He especially likes it when the sun shines through the glass doors so he can sunbathe,” she said. Newsweek.

When not visiting the Land of Nod, Dexter enjoys running, pheasant hunting, whining to get out, and “sitting on people’s shoulders like a parrot”. He also enjoys spending time with his brother Karson, a Golden Labrador.

“[Dexter] is such a good boy with the funniest personality,” Kari said.

Karson also likes the mat, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in as well as Dexter. Still, Kari and Jake make sure that “he always gets treats for his efforts.”

Puppy Who Blends In Perfectly With Rug Confuses The Internet
Karson the Golden Labrador lying on the mat and looking sad. Although Karson also likes to nap on the mat, he doesn’t blend in as well as Dexter.
Kari Klann

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