Internet denounces a “smug” Disney employee who interrupted his marriage proposal

A Disney employee is lambasted online after a viral video showed him cutting off a couple’s dream wedding proposal.

The videoposted on RedditThe “I Am a Total Piece of S**t” forum, has been voted over 85,000 times. It’s titled “POS destroyed my best friend’s moment. He asked permission first.”

A disney the spokesperson said Newsweek that the attempted proposal took place at Disneyland Paris, on a platform with the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background in perfect view.

But at the start of the 21-second video, the man is on his knees holding the ring he is about to propose to his significant other with when a male employee rushes onto the scene, rushes between the two – the man still kneeling – and grabs the ring box from his hand.

Tourists walk towards Sleeping Beauty Castle on Main Street at Disneyland Paris in 2002 in Marne la Vallee, France. A viral video showed a Disney employee interrupting a recent marriage proposal at Disneyland Paris, angering viewers.
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Onlookers seem confused by the scene, with some even booing the employee who interrupted the couple’s happy moment. The male partner donned in all white clothes can be heard saying something like, “She said yes,” pointing to a potential out-of-frame employee.

“Yes, it’s great, but here it will be even better,” the employee said, leading the couple off the raised platform and past a metal door.

More boos rained down on the employee.

The video poster with the username u/wasgehtlan, in a comment below the video, said his friend “actually asked a colleague” if proposing on the platform was OK.

“The woman gave him permission, [then] this outlet ran to him and [grabbed] the ring,” read the poster.

“We regret the way this was handled,” the Disney spokesperson added. “We apologized to the couple involved and offered to put things right.”

Editors’ reactions

A moment that the couple would have remembered forever is now going to be remembered for different reasons. Redditors were raving in their comments about the Disney employee, with one saying, “He’s so proud of himself.”

Look how fucking smug this guy is, he just stands there and points to the door.

Reddit Comment

“Look how smug this guy is f**king right there and pointing at the door,” another user posted.

One user joked that the couple never paid their “optional $149 ‘photography proposal’ fee as part of their admission.

Many wondered if the employee would lose his job or had already been fired for the incident or if it was part of general employee policy.

A Redditor alleged that he knew an employee who works for Disney, who told him that company employees are “explicitly told that we never touch a guest without their clear permission, given verbally or through body language. We are not permitted to take ownership of them under any circumstances and this results in termination.

“We are also trained to do everything we can to keep our customers happy and continue to sell the image of ‘the most magical place on earth,“, the employee reportedly told the Redditor. “This employee will be fired pretty quickly if this video gets to the right people. He only had to wait 10 seconds. Take him out and he’s done for.”

A Disney Employee Handbook found online from 2016 specifies that employees will be subject to disciplinary action or even immediate termination for “conduct towards the employee’s managers, co-workers or anyone with whom the employee comes into contact while performing work for the Company that is unprofessional, discourteous or disrespectful”.

Similar marriage proposals have been documented at Disney parks in the past, including a man who in 2018 sued the company not only for allegedly cutting off his proposal to the Magic Kingdom, but also for accusing an employee of physical harassment and even threatening to “hit” his partner.

A psychology today study published in 2021 said that “when men proposed in front of other people, their proposals were more likely to be rejected”. When the proposals were accepted, others were present less than a third of the time. But of those who were rejected, people were nearby about 45% of the time.

Newsweek contacted the poster on Reddit for comment.

Update 06/03/22, 1:55 PM ET: This story has been updated with additional information and a photo from Disneyland Paris.

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