AirFly Duo Bluetooth adapter: connect wireless headphones to your aircraft

It is very rare that a product completely changes the way we travel. There are already so many products that have improved the way we fly – from ultra-supportive neck pillows pass out eye masks and even AirTags that help us track our luggage every step of the way. The Twelve South AirFly Duo is another game-changing item that every frequent – and occasional – traveler should take with them.

Simply put, with this Bluetooth wireless transmitter, it becomes possible to watch and listen to movies, TV shows and more from an in-flight entertainment system through your own wireless headphones. In other words, you can say goodbye to the often terrible wired earphones provided by airlines and keep your favorite noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones in your ears.

A travel must-have for watching in-flight entertainment with your own headphones

We swear by the small but mighty AirFly Duo. The Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter is a fantastic addition for any traveler who wants to use their favorite headphones without sacrificing sound quality. It’s small and light, extremely easy to pair with Bluetooth devices, including non-Apple devices! – and delivers over 20 hours of use on a single charge. If you travel often, the AirFly Duo is a good investment.

Ultimately, the AirFly Duo solves one of the most annoying problems of air travel: the inability to listen to the in-flight entertainment system with your own quality set earphones or headphones. AirFly calls itself “the missing link between wireless headphones and wired headphone jacks”, which means you can use AirFly far beyond the plane as well, including on treadmills, game and more. The product works by plugging into the headphone jack of almost any electronic device, connecting to your Bluetooth wireless headphones and, really, that’s it.

It’s the simplicity of the AirFly Duo that we particularly like. Upon receipt of the device, you will receive the AirFly itself – which measures a compact 4.1 inches – a quick start instruction booklet and a handy protective drawstring pouch, which can easily slip into a travel backpack or even in your pocket. Really, nothing more is needed, and we appreciate that Twelve South gives you just the essentials without overdoing it.

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Pairing the AirFly with your favorite set of wireless headphones couldn’t be easier. After fully charging the device with the included charging cable, we were able to pair our set of AirPods Pro in 30 seconds by pressing a few buttons – one on the AirFly and one on the AirPods case. In our tests on a nearly fully loaded aircraft, the AirFly had no trouble producing sound without interfering with other Bluetooth headphones in the small space.

What we particularly liked about AirFly Duo is the fact that you can share audio with your travel partner. Since the device can be connected to two wireless Bluetooth devices at the same time, you and your travel companion can simultaneously watch the same movie in flight. Say goodbye to starting and pausing a movie on your individual screens at the same time – the AirFly Duo ensures you stay in sync during your movie or TV show.

When we tested the AirFly Duo on our transatlantic flight from London to New York, the device’s battery lasted the entire trip. According to Twelve South, the AirFly Duo can last 20 hours on a single charge. And even if you do need to recharge it, we like that you can do so while simultaneously using it via the external socket. As long as there is a power source nearby – including from a TSA approved battery – you can continue your AirFly.

Even if you’re not an Apple user, the AirFly is also compatible with devices other than AirPods. And, if the Duo doesn’t meet your needs, there are other AirFly options. There is also the Air Fly Pro ($54.99 $46.74 on Amazon)which, in addition to being able to connect two headphones, also allows you to put the device in receive mode to send the sound from your phone to a car or speaker.

There’s a lot to love about the AirFly Duo. From its small and compact size, including the handy drawstring pouch, to the ease of connecting the device to your favorite headphones, this is a great product that travelers should be excited to try.

There’s so much to love about the AirFly Duo that it was difficult for us to identify the faults. However, we found it a little annoying that when switching the AirFly off and then on again, there was a slight lag in connecting our Bluetooth-equipped wireless headphones. Although after a few seconds, the two devices paired without issue. If nothing else, you may just need to be patient and not try to “over-pair” your AirFly. Let it do its job, because it does it really well.

If we’re going to be extra picky, the AirFly Duo isn’t exactly cheap. At just under $50 per device, it is an investment. That being said, it’s an investment that we think is worth it, especially if you travel frequently.

Will we fly without it AirFly Duo Again? Probably not. Overall, the ease of use of the device is worth it take on every trip. It is compact enough to store in any travel bag, easy enough to connect to a number of devices and perhaps best of all, you can say goodbye to airline-provided headphones forever. If you travel frequently — or rarely, but have other places to use the transmitter — the AirFly the devices are an absolute no-brainer.

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