Best alternatives to Apple’s 35W dual-output USB-C power adapter

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Apple launched a new dual-output USB-C charger in June, allowing users to charge two devices simultaneously. However, there are cheaper – and better – alternatives on the market.

New 35W chargerannounced at WWDC 2022, comes as standard adapter for new M2 equipped Macbook Air models. It’s also available to purchase separately for $59.

However, Apple’s charger isn’t the latest or most feature-rich on the market. Here are some other options.

Anker Nano Pro 40W Charger

Anker is known for producing a host of quality third-party accessories, including a 40W power adapter that can go head-to-head with Apple’s new 35W charger.

Anchor adapter

The 40W power adapter can charge a MacBook Air at full speed with either of its two USB-C ports. It also comes in several different color options, is a bit smaller than the Apple charger, and sports safety features like a temperature sensor and power output adjuster.

Anker Nano II 65W Charger

If you don’t mind paying a little extra for extra features, the Anker Nano II is also a good choice. It’s a bit larger than the previous Anker charger, but provides up to 65 watts of power and a USB-A port.

Anker charger

Anker charger

As a GaN charger, the Anker Nano II is also small enough to be a convenient travel and remote work charger. With three ports, you can easily charge a MacBook Air or Pro, a pair of AirPods, and your iPhone.

Belkin 40W USB-C Charger

If you don’t need to charge a MacBook Air and just want two 20W ports, the Belkin 40W Power Adapter is an affordable option. Although it is a 40W adapter, each port reaches 20 watts.

Belkin adapter

Belkin adapter

However, 20W is more than enough to quickly recharge your iPhone while pressing a apple watch or a pair of AirPods. This makes the Belkin adapter a good alternative for users who only want to charge non-portable devices.

Spigen 40W adapter

One of the more affordable options on this list, the Spigen 40W power adapter offers a maximum output power of 30W for each port and is available in white and black.

Spigen Adapter

Spigen Adapter

This means you’ll be able to charge a MacBook Air at full speed if you don’t have any other devices plugged in. It can also power two devices simultaneously with lower output.

Satechi 108W USB-C Charger

This option from Satechi combines a trio of USB-C Power Delivery ports in a form factor about as large as Apple’s standard MacBook chargers, but not as wide.

Satechi Charger

Satechi Charger

You can charge up to three devices simultaneously with the charger, including a MacBook Air and any combination of iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watch. The individual ports also don’t appear to have specific caps, so each of them can supply up to 100W, or a combination thereof.

Scosche Powervolt USB-C

If you are looking for the most affordable option that can provide similar performance to Apple’s charger, this Scosche power supply is a good choice.

Scosche Charger

Scosche Charger

The power adapter can deliver up to 36 watts of total power, the same as Apple’s own charger. Although quite bulky as it is not GaN based, the charger is very affordable.

HyperJuice 100W GaN Charger

This option from HyperJuice costs almost twice as much as Apple’s own charger, but you could say it offers more than twice as much value. It’s a 100W power adapter with a total of four ports, including two USB-C and two USB-A.

HyperJuice Charger

HyperJuice Charger

Either USB-C port can deliver up to 100 watts of power with a single device plugged in, while the USB-A ports top out at 18 watts. Even with all four ports in use, you’ll still be able to quickly charge a MacBook Air.

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