The best tech accessories for cyclists and motorcyclists

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Having the right equipment can make all the difference in getting a good workout on a bike. Here are the best technical accessories for cyclists.

But cycling isn’t just about health. Tracking metrics like speed and distance and tracking bike location are all crucial factors.

Some great accessories might be devices you already own, like a iPhone Where apple watch. For example, the first step to improving a bike is a good iPhone holder to use Apple Cards or a fitness tracker.

Quad Lock Bike Mounting Kit

This kit is available directly from Apple. Using a two-stage locking mechanism, it attaches to the handlebars or bike stem (tube size 25-40mm). This lock is designed for added security so that the iPhone does not slip.

It includes a “poncho” resistant to rain, dust and mud, and the case is compatible with wireless charging, but MagSafe is not mentioned. Additionally, the package comes with UV-resistant O-rings and zip ties for mounting.

Quad Lock Bike Mount

Quad Lock bike mounting kit is available for $69.95 and supports the iPhone 13 product line. Other versions support older devices.

Secure AirTag Holder

This security Airtag Belkin’s stand features a flexible braided metal cable that cannot be cut easily. Additionally, it secures the AirTag using an Allen key locking mechanism.

The best part about this device is that it can be used with other items, such as luggage. The backing grips the edges of the AirTag while leaving the engraving and design visible.

Belkin Secure Mount for AirTag

Belkin Secure Mount for AirTag

LIVALL Bling BH60SE Neo Helmet

This helmet is intended for road biking, but the company offers one for mountain biking. Rear LED lights provide visibility in low light conditions and function as turn signals. Built-in speakers facilitate music, one-click voice commands, phone calls, and an anti-loss alarm.

Other features include fall detection, “push for SOS”, voice navigation, PTT walkie-talkie and 24 vents for optimal airflow.

The helmet uses a Bluetooth button that mounts on the handlebar. This premium product is available for $139.

LINKA Smart Bike Lock

LINKA’s smart lock offers keyless access using an app or by entering a passcode that is not dependent on a phone. Bluetooth 4.2 support allows the companion app to unlock it in less than five seconds.

The lock has tamper alerts with built-in sensors to detect unwanted bike movement. Plus, it uses a 110dB alarm to draw attention to any bike thieves.

The company claims the lock is as strong as a 9mm hardened steel shackle and withstands extreme weather conditions. It’s available for $139.


Strava is the best app for tracking hikes, walks, bike rides, and other outdoor activities. It records runs, maps bike routes, and can analyze your training with stats.

Monthly challenges and leaderboards give users a fun way to compete with friends and strangers. An optional subscription unlocks customizable training and workout plans, clubs, and even live commentary from experts.

Strava integrates with Apple Health and is free with in-app purchases.

Strava App Screenshots

Strava App Screenshots

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