Crime blotter: iPhones seized from two lawyers associated with the January 6 investigation

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In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, a new lawsuit claims Michael Jackson’s iPhone was stolen after his death, iPhones are taken at a music festival and big iPhone problems for an African soccer star.

The last of a chance AppleInsider series, looking at the world of Apple-related crime.

The Justice Department seized the iPhones of two attorneys involved in the Jan. 6 investigation

In the last week of June, the Justice Department seized iPhones belonging to a pair of attorneys, both in legal attempts to block certification of the January 6, 2021 election votes.

John Eastman, who as legal counsel to the Trump campaign presented scenarios for nullifying electoral votes, alleged in a Legal Deposit that federal agents confronted him as he was leaving a restaurant on June 22 and grabbed his iPhone 12 Pro. Eastman claimed he wasn’t shown the warrant until after the iPhone was taken, and also that he “was forced to provide biometrics,” presumably to unlock the phone.

Eastman asked in the document to get his iPhone back.

Also on June 22, federal authorities raided the home of Jeffrey Clark, a former Justice Department official, in Virginia, also as part of the investigation. Appearing on Tucker Carlson FoxNews show, Clark said that the agents took “all the electronics” from his house, with the help of an “electronics sniffer dog”.

Another Trump-era Justice Department investigative figure, Peter Strzok, noted on Twitter that after the raid Clark was tweeting from Twitter’s desktop client rather than his iPhone app:

Lawsuit claims Michael Jackson’s iPhone was stolen after his death

The Estate of Late Music Superstar Michael Jackson legal documents filed in late June, claiming that several items were stolen from Jackson’s residence after his death in 2009, including an iPhone.

By TMZ, the suit indicates that a man who was at one time engaged to one of Jackson’s siblings stayed at Jackson’s home for nine days after the King of Pop’s death and stole numerous items. These included the iPhone, along with other electronics, clothing, the singer’s driver’s license and prescription medication.

Subsequent reports said the man, film producer Jeffre Phillips, was once engaged to Jackson’s sister, LaToya Jackson.

In 2014, Business Intern reportedciting a book by a pair of the singer’s former security guards, that Michael Jackson tried to buy iPhones for himself and his mother when the first iPhone came out in 2007. But Jackson’s credit was in such bad shape state that the phone was to be established in the name of one of the security officers.

New police station opens near Apple Store Lenox Square in Atlanta

The Atlanta Police Department opened a new “mini-district” in the Buckhead section of town, just over a mile from the Lenox Square Apple Store which has been the site of two different filmings since 2020. According to The constitution of the Atlanta newspaperthe new station opened in order to “deter crime in the bustling commercial area”.

The Apple Store in Lenox Square, which had just opened in a new location, closed in November 2020, following a nearby shooting that sent a man to hospital. In June 2021, a security guard at the mall was shot after refusing to let two 15-year-olds into the Apple Store after hours.

The new station opened following threats from Buckhead residents, citing felony, to secede from Atlanta and form a new town of Buckhead.

Member of New York iPhone fraud ring convicted

Back in 2019, six persons were indicted in New York for their role in a sophisticated fraud ring involving $19 million in device purchases, mostly iPhones.

End of June, by Downtown Press, accused was found guilty of three separate counts. A cooperating witness said one aspect of the scam involved the sale of Play-Dohs that had been manipulated to look like iPhones.

Man charged with brandishing bat in UK iPhone theft

A man from Sheffield in the UK was in court in early June in relation to the armed robbery of a woman trying to sell her iPhone. According The starthe accused conspired with the man who arranged to buy the iPhone and attempted to attack the woman with a bat.

According to the story, the buyer met the seller, who fled with the phone. When the seller’s boyfriend gave chase, the man with the bat hit the boyfriend in the head.

However, “members of the public” managed to arrest the two thieves, although at one point the boyfriend was hit with the iPhone box itself.

iPhones stolen at a music festival

There was another case of iPhones and other smartphones being stolen en masse at a music festival. This time the reports WJLAthey were from the Something in the Water Festival in Washington, DC, which took place in mid-June.

According to the news station, dozens stolen phones were recovered after the event, including from “a Nike backpack containing over 20 iPhones”. Those who lost their phones during the festival are asked to report to the 4th District Police Department.

A festival-goer was able to film a potential thief:

Prosecutors seek to unlock murder suspect’s iPhone

South Carolina prosecutors are hoping to unlock an iPhone belonging to a man accused of murdering a woman. They believe the text messages on the phone link the accused to the murder and are looking for more information.

According Law and Crime, the accused murderer is a concert pianist trained at Juilliard. Prosecutors believe that when he received a text message on the day of the murder referring to “music search”, it may have been a code referring to the murderous act.

The accused pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors, according to the report, plan to allege that the defendant was friends with a man with whom the victim was engaged in a custody battle.

Zimbabwean soccer star in court over iPhone theft charge

A notorious football player who plays for both the Zimbabwe national team and a club in South Africa has been in charge of steal an iPhone, and prosecutors say he did so in order to cover up evidence of a vicious assault on his child.

The Chronicle reports that Kudakwashe Mahachi was forced to return to his native country from South Africa in order to face accusations of stealing his sister’s iPhone XR, as well as accusations of child abuse. He is also accused of having broken the phone in question.

According to the report, the charge stems from an earlier incident when he was accused of scalding his son with boiling water. Prosecutors said the iPhone theft was “part of a concerted effort to destroy evidence” in connection with the abuse charge.

A Bollywood actor had his iPad stolen in France

A famous actor from India was recently robbed while on tour in Europe, and the thieves stole her iPad, a Prada bag, credit cards and cash. According ZeeNewsAnnu Kapoor has warned her Instagram followers to be careful when traveling to France, due to her confrontation with “high profile thieves”.

Uber driver convicted of stealing iPhone 11, cash and plane ticket

An Uber driver in Ghana been sentenced for stealing a passenger’s bag, which included an iPhone 11, a large sum of cash, ATM cards and a plane ticket.

According my joy online, the 23-year-old pleaded guilty to taking the bag. After driving the passenger to Kotoka International Airport, the driver pretended to help the passenger with his bag, but instead grabbed him and fled.

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